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Microneedling with Radio Frequency

Building upon the proven science of micro-needling, Vivace incorporates the power of Radio Frequency to stimulate the production of collagen, contour the face, neck, and body, tighten the skin, minimize stretch marks, reduce the appearance of scars, and minimize pore size.  Vivace is the most revolutionary RF microneedling skin tightening system. It provides the most dramatic results with virtually no pain and no downtime.  

Pulses of light activate skin cells to increase collagen production, moisture levels in the skin, and improve skin tone and texture.  When applied to the skin, under topical anesthesia, sterile microneedles are used to create many microscopic channels deep into the dermis of the skin that can stay open for a limited amount of time. 

 The clear, microchannels created by Vivace remain open for four to six hours allowing the skin to best receive the benefits of products that create optimal results and faster recovery. This would include PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Growth Factor, or Hyaluronic Acid delivered deep into the skin in a way that no other RF Microneedling allow.

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