The O-Shot For  Feminine Rejuvenation

The O-Shot For Feminine Rejuvenation

The O-Shot is it really what you think it is? Yes, it is!

You heard correctly, the O-Shot stands for Orgasm Shot and is a natural non-surgical solution to improve the overall sexual health and function in women in a natural, healthy way.  We can NOW provide superior results that are efficient and virtually pain-free without surgery, without general anesthesia, and without the downtime.

This feminine rejuvenation treatment is now offered by our Medical Director at Skinworks Wellness & Aesthetics. The O-Shot is being offered in addition to V-Lase for feminine rejuvenation. We added the O-Shot to our menu of services because we wanted to offer multiple options for women seeking feminine rejuvenation. The treatments promise to help women restore their confidence and improve their intimate life.


The O-Shot is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) derived from the patient’s own blood. The growth factors within our blood are known to rejuvenate the vaginal tissue, increase collagen production and improve circulation.  The treatment is intended to improve the following symptoms: Vaginal dryness, low libido, vaginal laxity, orgasmic function and moderate urinary stress incontinence.  The O-Shot has gotten plenty of publicity over the last five years and is still making headlines globally. The O-Shot has been featured on TV Programs, such as “The Doctors” and on Broadcasts and Podcasts all around the world.

Thanks to Charles Runels the inventor and marketer of all Vampire procedures, women and men around the globe can now seek these body derived natural treatments for many issues.

Skinworks Wellness & Aesthetics in Hendersonville, TN is an authorized provider of the O-Shot for women and the P-Shot for men, as well as the Vampire Procedures.

Skinworks Wellness & Aesthetics also offers the P-Shot for men and the Vampire Facial and Vampire Facelift. Dr. Runels intended the O-Shot to help sexually abused women overcome their sexual dysfunction and painful intercourse caused by the trauma to their vagina.

Latest News published on the official Website  

This noble intent turned into a multi-million dollar venture and encouraged other physicians to provide this procedure to women desiring to become more sexually active. There are only positive side-effects from this procedure says Charles Runels and those include the decrease in urinary leakage, increased orgasmic function, increased libido, and increased lubrication.

Many women opt for the O-Shot to counter a low sexual desire, dyspareunia (painful intercourse), female sexual arousal disorder (the inability to become aroused), or female orgasmic dysfunction (the inability to reach an orgasm). Read this Publication by Elite Daily 

The O-Shot includes a simple blood draw in our comfortable Medical Spa environment. Once your blood has been drawn, the Platelet Rich Plasma is extracted via a centrifuge and re-injected into various areas of the Vagina and the Clit (after numbing the area effectively).

Patients report experiencing little discomfort during the treatment. Any discomfort from the O-shot usually subsides shortly after the procedure. Slight discomfort and light bleeding are to be expected post-treatment. Sexual intercourse is encouraged the same day. Ask our provider about the benefits of immediate interaction with your partner post procedure.

The O-Shot is recommended as a treatment solution that should last up to 2 years. Booster Treatments are sometimes recommended within the first year.

Improve Your Intimate Life

Many women decide to receive this treatment to enhance their intimate life, or to simply get a head start on preventing the lack of desire and to improve orgasmic function. In addition, the O-Shot can be a life changer when it comes to post-baby stages and pre-menopause. You do not have to have a sexual disorder to opt for the O-shot.

Improve your intimate life with the P-Shot and the O-Shot
Improve your intimate life with the P-Shot for men and the O-Shot for women


V-Lase is the latest non-ablative no-downtime feminine laser procedure.V-Lase can help restore sexual function, provide an aesthetic improvement by shrinking external tissue, tighten the inside of the vagina and also limit mild urinary stress incontinence in women. It has been used to treat vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse. When combined with the O-Shot, this treatment can be particularly effective in women suffering from sexual dysfunction and mild urinary stress incontinence.

How Does the O-Shot Aid in Urinary Stress Incontinence and Enhance Sexual Function?

The O-Shot utilizes the science of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).PRP was first used in medicine in the dental industry and also in the orthopedic industry. It is still utilized to heal joint injuries, regrow lost hair, rejuvenate the skin, and now for feminine and male rejuvenation.  Platelets contain at least eight identifiable growth factors. Those growth factors are very important in the healing process. PRP regenerates healthy tissue and promotes collagen production. PRP is used to improve the overall sexual health of women and men without the side effects of medications. There are no reactions noted from the PRP because it is your body’s Platelets.

The O-Shot – V-Lase Combination Treatment can effectively aid in the reduction of urinary stress incontinence and intensify Orgasmic Function.



The PRP derived from the Blood can also enhance fibroblast growth factors that direct the formation of new blood vessels and capillaries and wound healing. This growth in the vagina and clitoris builds new tissue, which can help limit urinary stress incontinence, all while improving orgasmic function in women. Check out why we recommend V-Lase for women. 

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