The P-Shot for Men – It’s exactly what it sounds like

The P-Shot for Men – It’s exactly what it sounds like

Improve Overall Sexual Health with the P-Shot

Yes, you guessed right, the P-shot (also known under the name of Priapus Shot) it is exactly what it sounds like, “Platelet Rich Plasma Injections” into the penis for male rejuvenation.

What is the P-Shot?

The-P-Shot is Platelet Rich Plasma derived from the Patient’s blood that is then injected into various areas of the penis for overall sexual health and performance. Of course, the penis is numbed and the patient feels very little discomfort if any. But why would any man commit to injections with blood into their penis? Because it is the most natural and effective way to improve sexual function. Read how it works.

Why would men commit to this treatment?

Because the P-Shot is a long-lasting solution (2-years or more) that is effective without the possible side-effects of prescriptions and other procedures. It does not require surgery or downtime and is virtually pain-free.

This treatment is not only recommended to male’s experiencing sexual dysfunction but is also often performed on men that simply want to enhance the overall intimate experience.

Improve Performance and enhance your overall sexual experience with the P-Shot.
Improve Performance and enhance your overall sexual experience with the P-Shot.

What are the benefits of the P-Shot?

  • Enhanced orgasmic function
  • Increased size (length, girth)
  • Harder Erection 
  • Increased Sensitivity 
  • Improved Desire & Performance 

Who needs the P-Shot?

Middle-aged or not, you can enhance your intimate life with the P-Shot.

Every man that desires to improve their performance, increase the size of the penis, enhance orgasmic function, increase overall desire, and enjoy a harder erection.

Read the inventor’s latest information about premature ejaculation. Watch Dr. Charles Runels the creator in one of many of his educational videos.

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Our advanced procedures such as the PRP for Hair Loss and Skin Rejuvenation, the Vampire Facial, the O-Shot for women, the P-Shot for men, V-Lase for feminine rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Resurfacing, and Tattoo Removal set us apart from all other Medical Spas. You will be treated with the utmost care. Your experience with SkinWorks will set the new standard for any experiences you may have in the future.

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