Wellness Services

Elevating Wellness and Confidence

At Skinworks Wellness & Aesthetics, we believe that true beauty radiates from within. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you achieve optimal wellness, vivacity, and confidence through a range of carefully curated wellness services designed to enhance your overall well-being. On this page, we invite you to explore our transformative offerings, including ED therapy for both men and women, hormone replacement therapy, and B12 shots. We understand that wellness is not just about looking good, but feeling your best, and we are here to support you on your journey to a healthier, happier you.

We offer three different forms of Vaginal Rejuvenation


This treatment relies on electromagnetic stimulation (EMS) to strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.  It treats multiple forms of incontinence, but is particularly great for stress incontinence, which presents as urination with sneezing, laughing, picking up heavy objects, etc.

Price: 3 sessions for $1000 / 6 sessions for $1500


This treatment uses controlled radiofrequency to heat, tighten and repair both the inner and outer vaginal tissues.  This leads to improved levels of lubrication, sensitivity, tightening and can also improve the appearance of the external tissue.

Price: 3 sessions for $2500


This device uses radiofrequency (RF) + microneedling technology to rejuvenate the vagina while increasing collagen, elastin and blood flow.  Great for women who are perimenopause or postmenopause, as it improves vaginal dryness, laxity, pain with intercourse, etc.  This can also be used externally to tighten and improve the appearance.  This treatment has also been beneficial in repairing tissue from illnesses like lichen sclerosis.

Price: 3 session for $3000